The Switch

JKLTip Some times it is easier to start completely or stop abruptly by flipping a switch
Like a Switch

It’s important to take baby steps toward bigger goals. But, it can help sometimes to simplify by flipping the switch. Like a cold-turkey transition, it is that moment when you finally decide to take action with commitment. For some reason, it seems easier for it to stick this time around. When we think of stopping smoking, starting to exercise, or writing, looking back it seems like it was a one-time event for many people.

Flipping the switch changes us in an instant. If you have a lot of negative self-talk, just start saying you are beautiful. If you want to paint, but haven’t picked up a brush in five years, pick one up every single day. It’s like Will Smith often say’s “just decide”.

I talk a lot about habits building on top of habits. Putting systems in place that are foolproof and fail-safe as the most effective ways to accomplish big dreams. Basically breaking them into steps. A big meal into digestible bites. But, sometimes, for some people, for some things it seems it may be easier to flip the switch.

This is often the case for me. If I want to start eating clean, it is easier for me to dive into a keto, or vegan diet. I think it’s because it simplifies the mental clutter. It’s often the same for me when it comes to accomplishing any goal, or task. If I give myself a way out, or potential for excuses then nine times out of ten I get it wrong. 

Things like cheat days or rest days stop my momentum quite rapidly at times that I am better off to keep going. That said, it is important to recognize when you need to recover mentally, or physically and build that in. But this can be a different version of the same goal that includes a change, or active rest.

When the switch flips there is no going back. It’s an interesting little phenomenon. For me most recently I have toyed with the idea of sharing content and helping others online for about fifteen years. There were so many things holding me back. But, it’s not like I got a hold of anyone of them. I didn’t find some magical cure for fear of success, for social anxiety, or being ridiculed by friends and family.

I just decided it’s time and flipped the switch. Now there is no looking back.

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