Life can make us feel like we’re on a huge yo-yo. Ups and downs. I used to think that this was how life is supposed to be.

In fact even well into my adult years my goal was to have as many “ups” as I did “downs”. I thought that was a reasonable goal.

I realise now, it’s far better to live with vitality all the time. To never give in to “ups and downs”. 

But how? 

One way is to begin appreciating life as a bunch of circles. “What goes around comes back around” is certainly handy when it comes to our mental health tool box. It can be so much more than a cliche.

We must truly, deeply realise that sadness will come back around, anger will come back around, fear and joy will come back around. And we should embrace them fully because they are each valuable. We also don’t know when they’ll be gone again. 

If we can ever bottle the answer it would do a lot of good. But sadly that may never be possible. So all we can do is try each day to figure it out a little bit more. And I feel strongly it starts with everyone sharing what worked for them.

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