But, Why Not?

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We know why, so maybe what is more important is asking why not? Having worked with many people who struggle with mental health and addiction over the years, including me, it’s become incredibly clear why people struggle. 

And in case you need more than my personal experience, to back this up, it’s incredibly clear in the research as well. We know “why” people struggle with addiction. 

People struggle because of positive feedback loops, combined with the biology of seeking pleasure and comfort over pain and discomfort. 

If We Know Why, Then We Should Ask People Why Not?

What’s far more interesting, and I’ll argue more critical, is a different question. Why don’t people give into addiction? 

There seems to be so little rhyme or reason as to why someone is finally able to quit using. There seems to be so little rhyme, or reason as to why someone is finally able to quit blaming others, or being anxious. 

Of course, there are arguments, but those arguments are definitely not a direct cause. This is at least in large part what makes the discussion frustrating and fascinating.  

If we can ever bottle the answer it would do a lot of good. But sadly that may never be possible. So all we can do is try each day to figure it out a little bit more. And I feel strongly it starts with everyone sharing what worked for them.

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But, Why Not?

But, Why Not?