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My Name Is Justin Nolan, and I am a learning addict. I like to call my job title “learner” because since kindergarten I have been a student. In my adult life, I have been a teacher, coach and personal trainer.

Learning and teaching are two things that I will keep doing until the day I die. I am taking my learning to the next level by picking something specific to practice. After that, I will be focused on learning that skill from experts, practicing for 200 hours and sharing the experience.

I will share the learning and failure, the ups and downs, and take all of your questions and feedback.

I am not attempting to fight Malcom Gladwell’s 10,000 hour rule. Above all, I am not naive to the fact that expertise comes from a ton of practice. Therefore, I am humble enough to know that I will not become great at these ventures.

Tim Ferris has said in 6-12 months anyone can become world class in a skill in 6-12 months of practice. Josh Kaufman has found that the first 20 hours of practice are enough to allow you to enjoy the activity.

Clearly there are semantics and debate around how long does it take to learn a new skill, because details and definitions vary. Take learning music, for example, since it’s far more complex than say playing the spoons.

WHY @JustTries ?

@JustTries is a digital guise for my name Justin Nolan. I am an educational leader by trade, but have always viewed myself as a learner first and a teacher second. Throughout my career I have focused on learning as much as possible.

As a formal leader I see my colleagues as teammates. In formal teaching situations I view my students as on a level playing field with me. I have dedicated my life’s work to combining education with entertainment to create content, teach courses, and coach people to follow their big dreams.

To this point I have focused my teaching and coaching in working with Marginalized Youth (What I focused My Master’s in as well) because I want to help the underdogs as much as possible. This teaching exists in jails, hospitals, addictions facilities, group homes, and a centre for teen moms.

What I have realized working with so many people on goal setting is that it is both contextual to time and person. What I mean by that is that we learn goal setting best when we are ready to take the next step, and when we have clarity over what that step is. Most underdogs in life simply aren’t ready to follow their big dreams when they are struggling most. This is why coaching and teaching through the internet may be the best option for many.

If I have a student struggling with addiction, they may not be ready to learn when I have a chance to work with them. Yet, two years later after some solid recovery, they may feel it’s “go time”. I have worked with homeless youth who really need to focus their energy on securing their basic needs before chasing those big dreams. So, let’s say they get a job to pay the bills, are back on their feet and ready to learn, where will I be?

I have also realized that the need for a great coach does not descriminate by age. Whether you are a 16 year old trying to set goals, or a 55 year old wanting support for their new business idea, I know that I can help. It’s also not an “end game”. Rather, coaching should be something we all have throughout life. An unbiased, business and mentor relationship that gives us that fresh set of eyes when we need it most.

So this is what I do. I learn something for two hundred hours and during that time, I document the process to show you what I’m learning. I have a podcast, videos and posts all geared toward learning as much as I can on the subject and passing it on. I also provide courses and coaching that help you crush your goals because they are able to have a specific learning goal in mind.


I have always tried to coach people to follow their big dreams. In many ways I have succeeded, but in most ways I have failed. There are way too many youth, and even adults who struggle with mental health linked to learning. Allow me to explain. I have worked as a personal trainer, teacher, vice-principal and coach for my entire career. Throughout my experience I have supported many people who want to follow big dreams, but for some reason just can’t seem to figure it out.

I thought that teaching people the tips and tricks of dreaming big, goal setting and mindset would unlock their ability to thrive. One week I was coaching three different teen moms to start business projects and excitement was at an all time high. One student was starting a hollywood make up art business. One was creating a teen parenting youtube channel. And the other a child photography business. We got everything off the ground, had big visions and plans that one hundred percent would work. Then, in a flash all three gave up. They quit and found “more realistic” jobs.

I was shocked. They loved working on it, it brought them great joy and they had genuinely impressive goals. Yet they didn’t think that they could do it. You see, time and time again this happened. I failed to help people follow their big dreams. I was confused, frustrated and frankly sad that I just couldn’t figure out how to help more people. Then I had a huge breakthrough.

I was driving home and reflected on the question, “If I have worked my ass off to be the most effective coach in the world, and it’s not working, then what is missing?” I went through the checklist of great coaching in my mind and realized that one big thing was missing. I was doing a great job of preaching, but I was not modelling for clients. Any great coach is practicing what they preach. That’s it, that’s what’s missing.

I listed the three most important ingredients of helping people crush their big goals. The ingredients are dreaming big, maintaining a growth mindset, and being vulnerable. Then I asked my self a second quetion, how could I possibly model these three things for people? Enter @JustTries.


“Dreaming big can be overwhelming. I provide systems and support to help people find clarity and crush their goals”

I do this in three ways. One, through free content, that if you are inclined and motivated you can implement on your own. Two, through a membership that bings value by supporting many people in a community. And, three for those who want to make the greatest investments in their life, through personalized coaching. If this sounds like it’s something that could help you, or someone you care about, please reach out, or pass my information along.


Collaboration is extremely underrated.
In the simplicity, but also in the impact and fun.

For a true collaboration, you need to think, play and act together.
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Justin has been a guest on radio, podcasts, spoken formally & informally, with various teams from athletes, students, educators and businesses at conferences, companies and schools.
In a humble, easy going, and engaging way Justin links stories, imagination, and life experience to learning topics.Speaking engagements are available in various formats, lengths, and including additional guest speakers.

Speaking is available in various formats and lengths. Requests include, but are not limited to:

  • Secrets to Learning
  • Becoming A Better Teacher
  • Why Dreaming Big Is The Most Important Skill We Should Learn
  • Team & Trust As A Foundation For Leadership
  • Strategies To Supporting Marginalized Youth
  • Attachment In Adoption
  • How Child & Youth Brains Learn Differently
  • Why Everyone Can Be Creative

To discuss having Justin as a speaker, or consultant please connect here