Slow And Steady

JKLTip Success doesn’t happen overnight, so work to find the right balance on the way
slow and steady

Once you figure out what your big dreams and goals are. Rather, once you figure out what your big dreams and goals are, for now. It becomes important to take a slow and steady approach. Naturally, this reminds me of the old tortoise and the hare story. If we plod along, step by step, learning along the way, over time we will be successful.

So Much Competition

This slow and steady approach is important for a couple of specific reasons. Perhaps the most evident today is that we don’t have any other choice. With the internet, globalization and the explosion of a network effect, things are so-called saturated. I feel not enough people follow their dreams and we need to support people to do it, but there are many who do.

There are many, many writers, singers, actors, and athletes. It would appear there isn’t room for those just starting out. I have a strong feeling that this isn’t actually the case. I do think that it may take a much more slow and steady approach than before. 

While it is possible to “blow up” with a song, or video that appears to bring overnight success, it probably took a lot of work people didn’t see. With so much noise in this world, all we can do is continue to build piece by piece. This is why it is so important to choose the thing you are actually very passionate about. In the event things don’t work out you will have actually enjoyed the process.

Finding Balance

The second point is that jumping too aggressively into something can cause more harm than good. I fight this with things like exercise. Trying to get all of your gains back in one work out, for example, can lead to so much soreness it ruins the next one. Financially we might gamble in high-risk stakes like a lottery. When it comes to pursuing the dreams we are passionate about for real we need to enjoy the process.

When you find this true big dream, consistency, and patience will become extremely valuable. It’s probably going to take a long time. You will face big barriers and challenges along the way. We get more clarity and balance if we stop to smell the roses. I am guilty of overdoing it with all-nighters, or schedules that I can not possibly sustain. Being aware of this is probably the first step.

I think that our balance will continually be in flux once we find the goals that will wake us up in the morning. It seems as though it’s just part of figuring it all out. A consistent and patient approach gives us the best chance to be mentally and physically healthy. I feel strongly that it gives us the best chance to win the overall race just like the tortoise did.

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