Life Like Quicksand

JKLTip Set a crazy goal, jump in with two feet, remain calm & consistent, just like quicksand
Quicksand Goal Setting

Did you know quicksand survival skills can help you achieve your goals? When it comes to setting goals it can be handy to have a tool kit of analogies and metaphors. Quicksand is probably an overused pop culture reference in the sense that its threats are actually rare. Yet, we’ve all heard of quicksand and can use it as a reminder for how to live.

The idea is to set your big, audacious goals and then apply the same tips and tricks you would in order to survive quicksand. When you are in quicksand it is recommended to find a balance between urgency and patience. If you wait too long quick the sand becomes more packed and dehydrated which will make it impossible to escape.

On the other hand, the more frantic your movements are the more opportunity you give the sand to create pressure. So, when stuck in quicksand, much like a journey toward a difficult goal, the more you panic, the more you fight randomly and the quicker you will lose. Your problems will become heavier and quicker.

Quicksand Smarter, Not Harder

This reminds me of the notion of working smarter, not harder. Because, when we first jump into a goal we need to rely on hustling, sleepless nights and a fair bit of chaos. We might have trouble with random to-do lists, self doubt and thoughts racing a mile a minute. But, if we lean back, catch our breath and relax we can put habits and systems in place that we can actually leverage. As we increase our efficiency, we can become more focused and increase our confidence.

So, set those big, crazy, audacious goals and then apply some quicksand safety. Remain calm and consistent. Continue to believe. Create leverage and use it to your advantage. Lean back to give yourself more space. Ask calmly for help. Never stop taking steps towards making progress.

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