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JKLTip As soon as you realize that some people will support you and some won’t it unlocks the power to craft your own narrative
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Do you ever stop and think of the stories you tell in your mind? We often tag thoughts as good, or bad, and right, or wrong. But in the end, it is valuable to realize they are all stories. Some positive and some negative, but everything in our head is a story. And if you can learn to mind your mind, you can learn to create your own stories.

These stories have multiple competing directors. They have some primary authors alongside a couple of ghostwriters. Regardless, everything we tell our selves about other people, about our own accomplishments, about how our day went. They’re all just stories.

We can collaborate on the narrative, but in the end, we are the final editors and producers. It is possible for human minds to change any story inside our minds.

Why Does It Matter?

You don’t have to look too far for incredible examples of looking on the bright side. And there is no secret that looking on the bright side has many benefits. So why don’t more people learn the concept in order to mind your mind?

How does this happen? Why can some people look on the bright side and others can’t? Why do some people change from not being able to? I think it starts with knowing that everything is subjective. It starts with knowing the power of the mind. After that, I think it’s practice by starting to pay attention to one simple question:

What context are you adding to the circumstances?

The stories impact so much of our relationships and goals that it’s too important not to pay attention to. It would be nice if everyone supported us and understood our goals. But the reality is much different. We will always have fans and haters. Some people will appreciate us and others not so much. That’s the simple truth.

So who is left to decide on the narrative? No matter what your goals are, you get to craft the final narrative. Who, when, why and how will no doubt evolve. But you get to decide what it all means. So mind your mind. Realize it’s crafting your stories. Now, you get to decide the lessons.

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