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JKLTip What can we do to make news that spreads more positivity?
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First off thoughts and prayers to those having to deal with the coronavirus, those who are sick, or loved ones lost. This is not about diminishing the impact the virus has on those it affects. It’s about finding ways to create a good virus. So, why do viruses spread?

In a simple manner, they are passed on through little germs from person to person. That’s the only way, from one person to the next.

With respect to viral news, good, or bad, this is the only way things spread too. One person hears something and passes it on. Sometimes large groups of people hear it and pass it on to many people at the same time. 

Ideas spread if they create emotion that makes people want to pass it on. Quality videos, photos, quotes and posts can make a difference when it comes to amplifying messages. Unfortunately, this happens with negative messages too. Anything rooted in fear can spread quickly.

Think of the recent scare around Coronavirus, or President Trump. How quick are people to hit the share button when the headline is wild regarding those two? We are quick to pass on anything emotional, remarkable and especially scary.

Can We Spread A Good Virus? 
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My daughter’s school, some 11 thousand kilometers from the threat and really without much action to take, received a letter about Coronavirus prevention.

Why would a letter about coronavirus spread so fast around the world? Imagine we could build the emotion and energy required to spread ways to improve mental health? 

One strategy to improve the ability to market mental health is making better art, more emotional content that people will talk about. Because, the more interesting stuff we make, the more the world can obsess about it, and the more it might spread. 

The struggle we face, especially when it comes to youth, is confidentiality. It’s hard to evoke emotion over a struggle when we keep things hidden. Sadly this can create a reinforcement of stigma overall. Worse, for the individual, it leads to a never-ending feeling of “I’m different, I don’t belong with my struggles”.

A better strategy might be for all of us to make the conscious decision to amplify good messages. Therefore, tell your friends that a youtube channel exists where people can learn. Pass on to colleagues the blog you found that teaches you relaxation. Like, share, and pass along every good message you see that you think someone else might benefit from.

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