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Learning Youtube

I want to help you be more confident in creating content. So, I recently made a video to explain JKL200 by learning Youtube. I described my plan for teaching vulnerability, growth mindset and how to learn.

The video has three hundred views. As far as online video standards go, three hundred views is not a lot. But, I want to remind people that even though we care about analytics and data, we should not worry about it. It’s important to focus on your impact and keep things in perspective.

It’s tempting when I think of three hundred views to feel that my channel is not growing quickly. But, imagine you ordered rides for three hundred people to go watch your video in a theatre. How many cars would you have to call? What would it look like if you invited that many people to a viewing party in your living room? 

When we create we should do so for an audience of one if that’s what it takes to make things that we want to make. When it comes to business, it makes sense to want to grow. But, when it comes to life, I genuinely feel it is valuable enough to create for one follower. When we create sustainably, it will increase our energy, not drain us. This only happens when we make things for people who want it. The others won’t be around, and that’s ok. 

Vanity Metrics

Vanity is defined as excessive admiration of one’s own appearance. Metrics are defined as a method of measuring something. Put them together and we get “vanity metrics”. Vanity metrics are the measurements of how our success appears. Things like views, subscribers, and likes alone are vanity metrics.

I see a lot of youth put emphasis on how many likes and followers they get. This worries me a little bit. So, I want to do my part to be a leader in this space. A focus on vanity metrics when learning Youtube can lead to constant ups and downs. This plays with our emotions and mental health like a yo-yo.

It’s important we do not let vanity metrics sway our creative process when it comes to learning Youtube. Once we know “our why and what” regarding the things we enjoy creating, we can pay attention to data that is helpful. But, not vanity metrics. 

Use Data To Help

It is perfectly fine, in fact wise, to use data in the right way. Just like watching film to improve in sports, what get’s measured can get attention. I use TubeBuddy for this at the moment and am a big fan so far.

When it comes to analytics it’s important to care, but not worry. Try this exercise. Say to yourself, “I am worried about my numbers”. Now, say “I care about my numbers”. Do you notice the difference? 

When you care about metrics, you take them into account to help with learning Youtube. But, you don’t worry about the results. You simply take in the information, adjust if you want to and move on to more creating. 

When we pour so much hard work into something, we want it to be watched. It might be watched, but it might not be. And, this is why it’s important to make the things we care about. So that a “following” becomes a bonus.

Once you establish what you make and who you make it for, then it’s great to use data with a purpose. Start by sharing your work. If you think other people will appreciate it, be the biggest leader in passing it on. Then, check your data to get feedback. Crunch your numbers to gain insights as to how to share your video with more people who will benefit from it.

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