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Learning from football is all anyone needs to equip them for life. When you do something long enough with a big commitment it simply becomes a part of you. If we sign up for dance lessons, sports, or art classes we learn so much more than the skills.

“Head fake learning” is the idea that we learn so much beyond the task at hand. We learn things like teamwork resilience vulnerability and goal setting.  

 This is why it’s so important to follow your dreams. Whether successful or not we can learn so much from trying. When we try to climb that insurmountable goal, such as becoming an NFL superstar, whether we make it or not we learn so much from the journey.

Football Taught Me A lot

Football taught me how to build intimate relationships quickly. When you are so close to a group of people striving for a common goal, you literally mix blood, sweat and tears. It prepares you for any relationship in the future.

Football taught me but I will never be the weakest or strongest at anything. That progress is the most important part ofthe process towards a goal. Doing only what you can control, yourself, or as a team. .

Football taught me how to build trust by allowing others to do their job. When you work together, it is important to communicate effectively and accept that those around you are doing their best. Building a culture where you blame no one, because the best possible outcome will be through picking each other up.

Football taught me delayed gratification. How to do something you hate , something that hurts a lot because you know it’s the right thing to do. You know it’s necessary in the moment, as much as it sucks in the micro, for the larger goal. Football teaches you to work toward a goal you may never achieve, like winning a championship, or signing a big contract. 

Football taught me how to empty the tank. If we have any chance of succeeding, it’s because we got after it, as one of my coaches said. You have zero chance of competing with the best, unless you empty the tank.

There is a lot to be learned from a hundred teammates, twenty coaches, all of the fans, and going to work every single day.

What I have learned from football could be an essay, movie, or course  itself . Therefore, the summary has taken different forms in the past. It will take different forms in the future.

This isn’t only about learning from football. Remember, there is so much to be learned from experiences. But first, you are going to have to step foot in the arena.

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