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JKLTip Actively find some good ideas to spread by sharing with others

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If we want less bad news and fewer bullies then we have to do our part to give good ideas a push. It’s as simple as the fact that what sells will be sold. Because shock and awe work, the murders get front-page press.

Did you know that culture simply shifts and changes based on the acceptance of the people in the group? When it comes to the group of social media, education, and business I am very interested in the culture shift.

Within this culture, we have to make a conscious effort to decide what good ideas we aim to spread. Social media algorithms are built to share what consumers want to see more of. In order for thoughtful, valuable ideas to be the basis of this culture, we have to share them. 

I want social media, education, and business to be a place of vitality for you, for me and everyone. Therefore, I do my best to share the work, or ideas of people who preach kindness, empathy, learning and following your dreams. 

Why It Matters 

Think of the term “viral”. In the same way as a really bad cold, ideas can spread like a super virus. But, with the flu, or a cold, we don’t really have a choice whether we take it or if we pass it on. When it comes to the culture of social media, we have the power to spread the viral ideas. But they only spread if early viewers show appreciation for them. Social media platforms all have culture-building buttons. These hearts, retweets and share buttons give us the power to share the ideas that we want to spread.

There’s only so much space on the internet. Social media platforms can quickly become competitive and saturated. And, whether we like it or not both good ideas or bad ideas can spread. So, we owe it to our culture to help the good ideas win. 

We have to better understand this, in order to be conscious consumers. We need to do our part and find some good stuff to spread. If you read a post, or video from someone and you think there is a chance it could help someone else, hit that like button. If you think it might bring someone value, maybe help them laugh, or learn, then pass the idea on. Maybe it will be viral and help everyone.

I hope you take it a step further and put some of your own great ideas into this world. It can definitely help people. If you do, let me know because I would love to help your ideas spread.

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