Get Off The Damn Fence Olga!

JKLTip Decide and commit and then the universe will conspire to help
Go For It

If we sit on the fence, then we have no chance of having the universe support us. You see, the fence is where we stay when we give pause for a little while. When we think we want something on the other side of the fence, we reach, jump and pull one leg over. Then right before we hop down the other side, there is a moment. This moment is where we decide to fully commit to “go for it”. 

This moment of sitting on the fence can bring up a lot of fear. Especially if the drop on the other side is so much farther. It’s also scary if the potential implications of jumping are scary. As I think about it, this kind of reminds me of pool hopping as a young teenager. 

In general, our fear increases if there is a sense that there is no turning back after this moment. When it comes to starting your own business, going to college, a new career, or a learning opportunity this moment can be quick, or long-lasting. For some, it might last thirty seconds. For others, it might be thirty years. Either way, it is a moment.

I’ve been sitting on the fence for a long time when it comes to creative pursuits. I used to think that meditating on a goal would all of a sudden manifest it in reality. I realize now, that’s just another example of sitting on the fence. I used to think that if I wanted to be a fitness influencer I had to go ask a bunch of gym gurus to put me on. Another fence-sitting activity. There are so many ways we sit on the fence, but it’s only procrastination, leading to regret. So we have to get off the damn fence.

Why It Matters

When we finally jump people will begin to trust us. They’ll know we’re for real. When we demonstrate our personal commitment to the goals without validation people begin to believe. Once other people begin to believe this universe goes to work. And that’s when the magic happens.

The universe wants to conspire to help you. It’s like water. Once you decide to push through it, it just slides out of the way. The universe combined with your goals just continue to take shape as you move through.

If you take your goals and move forward like this, truly committed, then you can go for it. Before you know it you will have so many offers, ideas and opportunities that you won’t even have enough time to achieve them all. But, this only happens once we decide to jump off that fence!

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