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JKLTip Ask yourself if you have the right balance of haters and lovers, it’s a sign you’re pushing your impact
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Haters Wanted

Do you have a lot of haters? When I’m supporting people on a call, or meeting to discuss life, so often it’s the same struggle. So often they’re getting wrapped up in how others feel about them.

We make statements that demonstrate quite clearly we feel people should agree with us. We question our motives, our actions, our decisions, and act hesitantly until we find validation.

Here’s a neat way of looking at things. Consider two books sold on Amazon. One written by a friend, a pretty good book, but it’s #500,000 on the rank list. It has nothing but high praise reviews. Another book which is #4 on the list has thousands of negative reviews.

Guess what book has this many negative reviews. Did you guess the original Harry Potter? It’s true. It has way more hate mail because it is a percentage of the overall, it is a piece of the attention. As positivity scales, so does some negativity.

Why It’s Important To Have Haters

With incredible ideas, with ideas that create real change, there will be negativity. We will be ridiculed. It’s so important in today’s day and age that we model for our children and youth that it’s ok. The more haters we have does not mean we are on the wrong track.  

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If we are the change agents, the creatives, and the innovators, we can not question our contribution. We can not slow down on what we believe so strongly in, because we are worried about whether it’s the right or wrong move.

Let’s go with our gut, be brave, work hard, take advice (with grains of salt), work hard some more, and if we need to pivot, pivot, and just keep learning. We’re always getting back on the right(ish) track.

So, I’m working on getting more haters. Is it working?

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