Learning Framework: Business Mini Vlog 1

When it comes to starting a business you can not rely on motivation! You must rely on systems, habits, and a learning framework.

Step one is having a solid learning framework. In JustTries Business Shorts Ep.1 we look at an example of how to learn anything most efficiently. The acronym we will be using is “DRAFTS”.

Drafts stands for Dream, Real, Atomic, Feedback, Teaching, and Systems. Let’s look at each one in a little bit more detail.


Dream is all about making sure you have a big dream, to set your sights and vision on achieving something great. You should dream in terms of four levels. One, a dream that is so big, it’s almost impossible. Two, a dream that is challenging, yet likely to come true if you stick with it for the long term. Three a dream that is definitely achievable as long as you put in some work in the short term. And, four, something you can achieve immediately, with no debate. Dreaming in levels allows you to take action right away.


Real means you should have both your effort and your practice applied to the real world. The way in which you learn should be authentic and practical. There is no point in doing something that just gets sent to the recycling bin or the trash. Find ways to learn while doing things that actually mean something and bring legitimate value to others. Life is too short to spend time on things that will never matter. We might as well create things that actually do have real-world impact and helps us learn along the way.


Atomic simply means small, or the smallest component part. When it comes down to having a huge goal, or mountain to climb, it’s very important to break things down into the most simple, reverse engineered path to success. And, it’s important that you get laser focused on what you need to learn. What micro things need to be, or do you want to be accomplished now? That’s all you need to focus on, is in the moment learning that one thing.


Feedback is one of the most important factors for successful learning and progress. Continue to seek feedback from people who know what they are talking about. Increase the quality and quantity of the feedback over time. In other words, can you learn from people who know your work even better? Can you continue to level up, or differentiate the mentors who give you feedback? And as you make progress you should keep seeking more and more feedback. Not for validation, but because it helps you learn how to better serve those you are serving.


Teaching is not something that you should wait to be qualified to do. By teaching people while you are learning you will learn more effectively yourself. You should not wait to be great, rather teach right out of the gate. As you teach you reinforce and evaluate how well you know things in your own mind. It also gives you more practice in a real world situation. And when you are teaching people may challenge your beliefs and assumptions, further allowing you to explore what you know and how you do things.


Systems means that you strategically decide on what needs to be done each day and stick to it. You can decide this by looking at the overarching long term goal and working backward to annual, quarterly, weekly, and daily goals. Now, once you decide on the plan, you can then get lost in the moment. When you use a learning framework it becomes more simple to stay on track. You can focus on routines and habits. That’s all you have to do.

Naturally, you will need to re-evaluate the plan and I suggest doing this quarterly. Assessing progress and habits four times a year gives you the best balance of sticking with the goals with patience and evolving your approach as needs change. If you change things up too often you get confused. It’s hard to give things the time it takes to know if they will work or not. But, if you keep habits for too long you may continue to feel like you’re making progress in the wrong direction.

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