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Dream blockers can be really sneaky! No matter what dream you have, on the easier end, or the seemingly impossible end, it’s very likely others have had similar thoughts. There is a difference though. Some people go for it. Some people let things get in the way.

It’s true that systems and habits will be the only path to success. Things like time management, routines, efficient communication, and more effective “to-do list” systems must be put in place.

But, you can’t even begin to build systems and habits if you don’t first remove anything that is a DreamBlocker. We can keep going, no matter how many times we gave up, struggled, or were embarrassed. In order to move forward though, we need to learn from past discouragement and abandoned dreams.

In order to move forward, we need to face the demons in our lives that keep us from dreaming big. So what could be getting in the way for you? There are many dream blockers, but here are the most common ones.

Dream Blockers

  • Personal Failure
  • Playing Copy Cat
  • Waiting For Consensus
  • Thinking That It’s Been Done Already
  • Waiting For Your Opportunity
  • Haters Getting In Your Mind
  • Your Support Network Being Unsupportive
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