What Do You Want?

JKLTip Figure out what you truly want in life and you’ll enjoy it more
a sign that says ask for what you want to dream big dreams

Every day I try and be more and more practical and clear in helping people not just dream big dreams, but actually follow them. There are certain things we can do to make this as close as possible to a step by step process.

Identifying what you truly want is one of those things. It’s as simple as asking, what do you want? However, many people can’t answer that question because other things need to be cleared up first.

Step one, stop being a victim. If you feel like you are being controlled by other people or situations you can’t possibly ask for what you want. You have to feel empowered in order to ask for it. It is important to value yourself enough to look in the mirror when something isn’t working. You are the responsible owner of your destiny. No one else.

Step two, ask yourself what you want. Now that you realize it is within your control to dream big and take the steps to get it, you just need to know what it is. There are many versions of the saying “You have not because you ask not”. The process of hunting down what you want isn’t magic, it is a matter of asking for it. 

Step three, do the next work. Now that you are in control and you said what you want, start by doing what needs to be done next. It seems like a crazy process, but it’s best to boil following your dreams down to a binary plan. 

It Should Be Easy(ish)

We often wander around like we don’t know what to do with ourselves. We get a feeling of, “what should I do right now?” The funny thing is, what to do next is should be quite easy to figure out.

If you have the thought “what should I do?” it’s actually evidence of the fact that you haven’t truly figured out what you want. So, go back through the steps until you know the answer to the question, what do you want? That’s the key to dream big dreams.

I am so passionate about helping people with this because over the years I have learned that so much of our mental health struggles stem from aimless wandering. Not to oversimplify, but if you take these three steps I know that it increases the likelihood you wake up with tremendous energy and excitement each day. 

Oh, one last rule, no whining, complaining or blaming. Not sometimes, but never. If you make excuses it will simply take longer to get to where you want to go. Remember, you are not a victim. You know what you want. And, the only thing you can do is the next thing. When tough things happen, pick yourself up and just keep learning.

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