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Just keep learning is all about creating content that helps you learn. For two hundred hours, we document learning a skill by putting the just keep learning mindset into practice. We strongly believe modeling is more valuable than telling. So, this takes place on the blog, other social media, but mainly on the Just Tries Youtube channel.

We document the ups and downs, the learnings and the fails for 200 hours. We do this by following the just keep learning framework. So what should we learn?

No matter what the learning is, if you follow the JKL Mindset, you will have answers. By the 200 hour mark, you will know if it’s worth continuing or trying something else. Should you keep improving each of these elements, or go try something new.

The just keep learning mindset is a collection of eight themes, which maximize the speed and quality of learning. The themes are growth mindset, habits, perspective, focus, why, vulnerability, big dreams, and fast feedback. If you have these eight things in play, you are going to learn as effectively as possible. So, try your best to put these eight things into your mindset while trying to learn.

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Each of the themes in the mindset can be developed on their own. Therefore, it is valuable to take inventory of your ability to implement the categories independently.

If you would like to learn more about developing your ability to learn, check out the individual mindset articles. Here is a quick overview of the Just Keep Learning Mindset:

Growth Mindset

Growth mindset is based on Carol Dweck’s research. She states people with a growth mindset believe that they can always improve, catch up, or even surpass others’ abilities. As teachers, or those modeling learning we need to believe we improve one step at a time.


Habits and systems are crucial because we can not rely on motivation when taking on the difficulty of learning something new. Habits ensure that we get regular doses or practice, or tasks completed that are stepping stones toward the goal. Setting the most easily digestible, routine habit will guarantee we are on the right track.


Perspective reminds us that learning is simply for fun. There will always be someone better than us, and someone worse than us, and that should be refreshing. At the end of life, it doesn’t matter the result, but that we tried.


Focus ensures that we do not end up doing things that don’t matter toward our goal. The dreamers and ideators can have difficulty not hopping from project to project. Focus allows us to build our learning in a quickly, compounding fashion.


Having a big why will get us over, under, around, or through the obstacles we face. If we take on any truly audacious goals then there will be big obstacles. A why gives us a north star to aim for and a reason to just keep learning, to keep going.


Vulnerability is often the most underrated and therefore the sneakiest competitive advantage to learning. If you want to learn rapidly, you have to throw yourself into the biggest learning leaps possible. You will not succeed or feel victorious. But, you will be a lot closer to the goal and receive more learning than had you waited.

Big Dreams

Big Dreams bring the concept of shoot for the moon and you’ll land among the stars into real life. This not only changes the arc of potential success and actualized success higher. But, it also shifts your mind to believe that you are no less capable than others who have accomplished great things in that field.

Fast Feedback

Fast Feedback builds on the mentality sports teams use in reviewing film and making adjustments as quickly as possible. By getting feedback from those who have a different view than us we can fix mistakes more efficiently.

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