You May Say I’m A Dreamer

#JKLTip Regularly step away from tv, books, conversation and take time to practice thinking, feeling, dreaming
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We all have one

Apparently everyone has a creative type. I took an online quiz from Adobe create that determines this creative type. It was a typical internet quiz, answer a few questions and it kicks out an answer. Perhaps it was like reading a horoscope, a sort of placebo, confirmation bias.
But it felt very real to me. It turns out I am “a dreamer. When it comes to being creative, a dreamer is someone with a connection to emotions, empathy, and imagination.”

What Does Being A Dreamer Feel Like

I can’t count the number of times that I have had an idea that I could see so vividly. Yet, in spite of my ability to package it with language I could not get the idea across. I used to think this was a weakness, and in some ways it is something to work on. But I recognize now that it’s reflective of strength, being able to dream big. I also operate at my best frequency when I operate from my gut, and heart instead of my mind. To whatever extent possible, I have always been blessed with the ability to feel what others feel.

I was surprised at how accurate the expanded definition was. It went on, “where others see facts and figures, you see symbols, metaphors and hidden meanings. The inner world is always where you’ve felt most at home. You’re happy to roam your mental landscape of thoughts, emotions, and fantasies for hours on end.”

It is very true that I have always felt a bit too philosophical to fit in. I’ve joked with people, “Is there not a job where I can just get paid to think of crazy ideas?” There is a fascinating paradox though because I love nothing more than spending time with people. Cuddling with my family, playing hockey with the boys, or teaching photography to a group. I just love it! However, without solitude to dream I would lose my mind. I need regular, uninterrupted intervals of travelling alone, working out, or going for a walk to let the mind wander.

The final part of the definition was, “you naturally infuse your everyday life with the beauty and wonder of imagination.”

I have always created at work, no matter the industry, role, or goals. I am naturally attracted to imagining how we can do something awesome with the time we have. This is not because I’m a special person, or suck up at work, but because I’m a dreamer. As I get older, I protect this time to create like it’s my lifeline. This makes sense because, if dreamers and creators aren’t dreaming and creative, they literally begin to die inside. (There is a great Jordan Peterson youtube video on this topic)

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How To Be A Dreamer

While this quiz said “I am a Dreamer” we all dream to a certain extent. I also feel we should all dream and trust our intuition a whole lot more. It’s incredible when you simply open your sails and let the water move you along. If we do this we can end up in incredible places where we are “supposed to be”. But, for every great thing, there is another side of the coin.

Therefore, it is valuable to recognize how to deal with being a dreamer.

For any dreamers out there, remember a few things. One, you are not alone, but it is a rare group. Here’s hoping someday others will join us, but in the meantime go with your gut and don’t let anyone distract you. Two, systems and mindfulness are your secret weapons. To get somewhere practical you must consistently return to the present task in order to channel the dreaming. And three, collaborate with those who see things a little more sequential, that way you can add some structure and next steps to your projects.

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