What’s Your Story?

Typewriter, blank page, ready to tell your story
Ask What Story Are You Writing?
#jkltip Think of your identity. Envision and be aware of the stories that shape how you see yourself and in the future be cautious that how you see yourself is nothing more than a story, so be brave enough to write and edit it yourself

We love books, poems, movies, artwork, or songs because we love a good story. Story separates us as humans, the ability to pass a narrative from people to people, or generation to generation by putting the pieces of fact & fiction together, to pass on a message. It’s how we all learn. 

Our minds build stories, day and night. These become our identity; a fabrication of stories that we allow others to write…

We begin to believe our stories, good, or bad, whether they reflect our reality, or not, we begin to believe that over time our Facebook page, or Instagram account becomes us, but it’s simply a story. 

“Story” is the actual term used on Facebook and Instagram, and just like Netflix scripts, these are edited. I have only had social media accounts active for two weeks and have already struggled with a desire to post the best photos, or video, whatever “best” means. 

The story I want to tell is “ this is real life, but it is so difficult to do this, without judging how a photo, or video looks, without procrastinating to make it perfect, so what I must do is continue my #nofilterpursuit and start adding some video content, good, or more likely bad, however it works out, at least I know it will be real. And that’s the story I want to tell, flaws and all, this is me… So once a day, to one of my accounts I’ll add video…

THIS Parts IMPORTANT: I’m not knocking the story you tell, if every post is of all the awesome stuff, the beauty sunset pics, nice cars and smiling with friends, I’m not saying you shouldn’t have an account showing a badass lifestyle, nothing but rainbows and unicorns, if that’s the purpose like your own positive vibes board, or to build a certain following, that’s awesome and I will support you. 

What I do want is for you to be in control …. So what is your story? 


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