What Are Your Needs?

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Barn, Maslow's Hierarchy

We all have needs. And, our needs must be met in a specific order. But how often do we evaluate them? What are your needs that must be met in order to strive for success? It was Maslow long ago who popularized the idea of basic needs. Through his famous psychological research, it was explained that these build the foundation of a pyramid for our higher order accomplishments.

I talk a lot about big, astronomical dreams and goals. I know that you are capable of achieving them. But one thing that is important to self evaluate is what needs to be taken care of as the base in order to build a scaffold for the exciting, passion driven accomplishments?

Anything that we do not have recorded, but expect to accomplish creates unnecessary mental clutter. The more systems we build to simplify our thoughts the better. One system is borrowing from Maslow’s hierarchy of needs to create a pyramid of your own needs.

How Do We Build A Pyramid

It is important to fill the base of your pyramid in as specific as possible with the things that are important to you every day. There will be days of less sleep, poor nutrition and a skipped workout, but for the most part what things would you strive toward to build your foundation? Each layer of the pyramid, can add an element of complexity, higher order thinking and build closer and closer to your wild and craziest goals.

Psychology, what are your needs

While we would love to have record setting accomplishment one after the other in life, it’s not possible. We must take care of all of the layers of the pyramid first. If not, we just build a bigger house of cards. Over time we will be forced to ask if it was all worth it in the end? However, if we take care of our needs from the bottom up, then when we reach success we will know it came in the best order. 

We are all driven by a desire to become everything we can possibly become. But, often times things get in the way preventing us from building on top of successes. In a perfectly predictable world, what bricks will you pile on top of each other? In order to design your personal pyramid, what are your needs to meet, and in what order? A pyramid is one of the wonders of the world. Now, go start yours in order to work toward your own sense of wonder. 

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