We Were The 1st YouTubers

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Original Youtubers
#jkltip Look for things you passed up on because timing wasn’t right, or the resources didn’t exist, and now make it happen

We Were the First Youtubers

** Feb 14, 2005 Youtube starts

***January 1, 2001 We film hilarious videos Vlog style, showcasing friends, hilarity, family, and ridiculous fun around the hills of Mont Tremblant, Quebec.

When we were bombing around filming everything under the sun and moon for that matter, Logan Paul & Casey Neistat had “0 subscribers”

The same camcorder we used to record those adventures recorded some “sledding” down Terry Fox, “running” across Parliament Hill and kicking field goals at Landsdowne Park amongst other funny times. It made its way into the locker room, weight room and family room of University football players behind the scenes, and filmed many wicked snowboard and skate sessions. 

It’s interesting how so much about this world is based on timing, and (some) luck – mostly hard work, or taking chances, but definitely (some) luck…

At the time none of us thought that using any of those videos could become a real career, or that creative video making would be what it is today, otherwise we would have ACTUALLY been the first Youtubers.


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