We are all influencers

JKLTip We are all influencers, but what, who and how are we influencing?

We are all influencers. But what does that mean? The term influencer is definitely hot. Only a few years ago, the term had a Google trends score of seven. It reached an all-time high in the past few months. Companies even sell “influencer” hoodies. Would you wear one?

We Are All Influencers, Hoodie

The term influencer is being used to describe internet personal brands who are able to help market products, services, or ideas. This is most often done for themselves, for charity, or for business. The rise in this business and marketing tactic has created more so-called “influencers”.

Like any field that becomes popular, it has created more people aspiring to be an influencer thinking that it would be a cool lifestyle. Finally, it has created a large group of people who despise the term. Simply Google “why I hate the term influencer” and see for yourself. Funny enough, some of these people are pretty big influencers themselves. But, no matter which category you find yourself in, we are all influencers. 

Every One Of Us Are Influencers

In a formal way, if you are a coach, are on social media, or have any colleagues, then you are an influencer. If you have siblings, are a teacher, or parent, you are an influencer. In an informal way, if anyone knows who you are, at all, then you are an influencer. 

An influencer is simply someone with the capacity to have an effect on the development, or behavior of someone else. In essence, we are all influencers. Therefore, we might as well pay attention to how and for who we are being an influence. We should take it seriously.

We impact the decisions of others all the time, whether we like it or not. And I can appreciate the bad reputation the term gets when associated with cringeworthy ads, or fake messages. But that doesn’t mean everyone influences in that way. Therefore, the question becomes, are we influencing in a good, or bad way? 

Be Proud To Be An Influencer

Here is a quick way to be proud of being an influencer. Think of your values and beliefs. Now think of the people you interact with. If you could pass how to live to them, what would you say? By reviewing our values and living them, we are being the best influencers we can be.

If we speak and act the values that we truthfully wish for others then we are doing it right. Not because everyone will agree. In fact, the more influence you have, the more people will disagree. Sadly, there is a correlation between the communities we build and those who feel the need to remark, ridicule, or reject.

So, we might as well focus on one simple question. Are we being the influencers that we can be?

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