We All Have Our Own Maze

Man In A Maze

I heard John Mayer’s, “Daughters” recently and it reminded me how much we are all in a maze, where all of the walls continually change.

Life is like an evolving maze for all of us. Not too many variables tend to stay the same. But the awesome thing is that mazes can be a lot of fun. These changes and ever-evolving challenges don’t need to be stressful. It can be a lot of fun if we treat it like a game, or a maze the way we do as kids.

As kids, we love dragging a finger through the maze in a book, or placemat. It’s fun to trace a pencil into one wall and then another until we find a way to whatever the “end goal” is.

This is valuable to keep in mind when it comes to goals and big dreams. As we work toward owning our dreams there will be many things outside of our control. What we can control is that we continue to try. We continue to pivot and work our way toward the end of the maze.

By the way, song lyrics, even when slightly off-topic can teach us so much about life.
Pay attention to the words and what they mean to you. You’ll have no choice but to reflect and think from time to time.

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