Video Is (Mostly) Good

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Video Is Mostly Good
#jkltip Try something that truly allows you to feel vulnerable. It should feel bad, yet you know at some level, it will help you grow

As I embark on this 2019 journey to be vulnerable, create content, and especially video I feel it important to put it out there early that video is good. There is nothing to be worried about, it is simply an opportunity to capture awesomeness, maybe share it with others, or play it back later ourselves. For the most part video is a positive thing. Like anything it has it’s dark side, but overall we should embrace it. 

If it’s not your thing, then the vulnerability feels kind of like getting a vaccination: You really don’t want it, but you’re confident it will improve you. 

I don’t like taking selfies. 
I dislike even more putting others out by asking them to take pictures of me. 
I hate the sound of my own voice.
I really don’t like carrying a camera in public. 

And Yet, this year, I’m doing all of this… 

In particular what stands out is how awkward it feels to film, on any device, let alone full camera in public. I can’t imagine how some big time filmmakers must feel.

I was starting to wonder what would push me over the edge of giving it a try, until, the most surprising of circumstances. 

I was in Wal Mart and realized every time I’ve stood at the cash, I am on video in public, whether I like it or not and that’s when I realized I don’t care. Doesn’t bother me one bit, in fact I “made the managers day” when she saw me take this picture. “A selfie of surveillance. Many people still seem to make a big deal (or perhaps that’s in my head) when film crews, or full fledged cameras are in their presence. 

This is fascinating to me, since we all carry camera(s) on us every day. Why does a camera with a bigger lens and more powerful shutter speed have such an impact ? This is something I am slowly and somewhat begrudgingly becoming fascinated with. 

I ask, is it all in my head, or do people actually feel weird if I walk into a restaurant, or the gym with a “”real“” camera ? And regardless, how will I get more comfortable (or will I) with it? 


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