JKLTip Can you look in the mirror and honestly say you are working toward your true desires?

The best thing about the truth, is that there’s nothing else to remember. We don’t have to make anything up. That’s easy. Now, will the truth set us free? It might, I mean it certainly could. But first it will be painful. When we tell ourselves the truth we learn that we may be living a lie. We learn that our actions have become misaligned from our values. The truth leads to struggle, to difficulty, it can lead to anxiety and depression. For me it very much has in the past. When I brainstorm my values, the first thing that came to mind was “truth”.

Everything that I personally set my mind to has to be aligned with my truth. It is the most base building, foundational of my values. It might also be the hardest to fake. Want to know why? 

It’s the hardest to fake, because there is only one truth. We may not know for sure what it is. We may spend our whole life trying to figure it out. But the fact of the matter is, there is only one universal truth, to everything. There is a huge difference between truth and belief. We are welcome to our own beliefs. While we all feel differently about things, entitled to our opinions, there is only one truth.

So what does this look like, in real life? Well, I can tell white lies. It’s not like the movie liar, liar, where if a six year old foster kid with attachment issues asks me, “do you like my art work?” I’m going to respond with, “no it looks like shit.” If someone at work asks if I think they did a good job, I will reply with tact. If someone who is particularly fragile in a given moment, asks if I like their new hair-doo they are probably getting a yes.

If  asked a question, that I’m not sure of the truth, I won’t hazard a guess, unless I know for certain that others know it’s nothing more than my opinion, or a guess. Others are welcome to contradictory beliefs, opinions, guesses. This is more about being true to myself. Looking in the mirror and being able to say I am trying my best to do right by the rest of my values. It’s about being very truthful with my next steps. About getting feedback that tells the truth about how to keep inching forward toward my goals. 

Beyond luck events, every aspect of our lives is a manifestation of the choices we make every day, that is the truth. It would be way easier for me to work my day job, put my feet up in the evening, watch a movie and be content. But, come the end of life, I know that the most important thing is that I can look back knowing that I tried my best. 

Being true to myself I need to be able to say I worked hard to a.) spend as much time as possible in activities that bring me joy b.) honestly define myself, my goals, my projects and c.) try my best to inspire people to learn, to be vulnerable and brave enough to chase their dreams.

Our vision itself is the easy part, if we just let the truth come out. Once we tell ourselves the truth of what we dream about, then we can ask in honest terms where we are and where we want to go. With the truth, we unlock the ability to identify next steps, to receive feedback, to pivot and learn. We all want to get better at something, so tell the truth, what is it, and how do you improve?
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