Too Good At Setting Goals

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Don’t Be Too Good At Goal Setting
#jkltip Three for three. For all 3 categories: health/wellness, business/work, and social/family identify 3 systems you can put in place to optimize those areas and start today

I Was Too Good At Setting Goals. This is exciting! Maybe the most important thing I’ve learned (yet)

No matter if I’m “successful” or not in the future, however you define that, one thing I will have, is the best chance to accomplish something great on this journey. Because, I have finally learned how much goals suck (kind of). I mean it’s starting to make sense. 

I tell my students, daughters, friends and family all the time: dream big, set a GOAL, work towards it, no matter how crazy it is, never stop learning and otherwise do what you love to do, and that’s it, simple…

What I’m realizing now, is I could have had a much better chance of achieving my goals. Take for instance to win a Stanley Cup, Play in the NFL, own a bunch of properties, or have Youtube Channel success. 

All goals, rare perhaps, but all attainable by friends of mine, so not that out there. Well, what happened? I was confused… I was the master of goals, which is why I Failed. See Goals = the destination of a journey * (I’m like the best)

Systems = organized set of procedures for something to get done ** (sort of, haphazardly) 

Habit = automatic reactions specific situations *** (Never figured this out much)

What I know now is Goals are very important, you need to have that “UNrealistic belief” of the end in mind, but what you also need, arguably more importantly, is to identify systems that optimize as many aspects of your living as possible and this way you’ll have the best chance of becoming well rounded through habits that become “effortless”.


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