YOUR Meaning of life?

I love this insight from Eckhart Tolle, “if you get the inside stuff right, the outside stuff will always fall into place. It starts by asking yourself, what’s going on inside me? Am I at ease in this very moment?”

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 If not, then I am remembering something unhelpful from my past, or projecting something that may or may not exist in my future. 

Do I feel tension or unease? If so, then much like grabbing a lump of hot coal, I should drop it. Hanging on to it would be like learning of an allergy and purposefully getting a bee-sting. Or eating food you can’t because it’s your right to suffer. It’s just not necessary.

Aww, the existential angst. A classic question that really has no answer. Ok, I get it, this is a question that may seem a little bit silly, or too philosophical. The answer is different for everyone and it changes. 

So why ask it?

Because, with the pursuit of great questions, just thinking of the answers can be incredibly powerful. 

We Are Such A Small Part Of A Massive Universe

At the risk of sounding trite, let’s discuss how important perspective is. It literally unlocks everything for the foundation of dreaming big. Think about how big the universe is.

Yet, we can’t interact right now without a very complex connection to the entire universe. We also can’t create, or do anything without invoking, through cause and effect, the entire universe.

Think about how old the universe is. Approximately 14 billion years old and while there are many theories as to how and when it will end, we can safely assume it will be billions more.

Yet, we are only in our physical existence for a minuscule fraction of time.

People in our lives try to be helpful by giving us tips, or advice meant to “help us”. Intended to keep us safe, when in reality, it so often keeps us from being fully alive.

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