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Do you feel awkward when you get a compliment?
If someone thanks you, do you scramble to find the words to reply with? Here is something we could all try a little bit more. 
Try simply saying, “thank you.” 

Thanksgiving weekend here in Canada has made me want to say thank you. Thank you to everyone who has supported this unfolding journey for nearly a year now. Figuring out the internet world is quite the task. So, thanks, just thanks.

I have many friends with strong grasps on the philosophy of life. One such friend has an incredibly simple, yet impactful saying. “Thanks, Just Thanks”. It’s so straightforward, yet so powerful at the same time. I think why I really like it is because there is so much clutter in our lives these days. 

Think about the amount of mental clutter we deal with. If we start an initiative at work before we know it, it becomes a seven-page PDF. When we want to travel it becomes such a big deal that it doesn’t feel fun, or spontaneous anymore. There are so many physical things and so much information that pile up and up if we let them.

We need way more minimalism in our lives. In fact, I would argue that everyone should take inventory of the things that bring about mental clutter and start to simplify as soon as possible. Whether it’s material things, work tasks, relationships, or thoughts we should be running them through the vitality filter. 

Begin by asking yourself, does this thing genuinely add vitality to my life? If no, then get rid of it.  If yes, then keep it. And you should keep it out in the open because you should be using it.

And when it comes to a compliment, keep it simple. You deserve it. Say thanks, just thanks.

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