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Live For Every Day
#jkltip Take a look at the rest of your week, (non downtime) and see what things could change, or evolve to make it a more mentally healthy workplace

TGI Everyday

If you find yourself super excited for Friday and are a big “TGIF” person, then it may be entirely healthy, but it is worthwhile taking inventory of the rest of your week and asking if the rest of your week is the way you want it?

Call this ideological, call it eternally optimistic, or seeing the world through rose coloured glasses, whatever you want, but it’s the truth:
We don’t have to go through our ‘working’ lives clinging to hope for the weekends and hating Mondays. But let me just quickly point out the obvious – I don’t mean weekend, for those who work weekends, but you’re ‘off days’

It is very, extremely important to appreciate time spent with family, friends, doing fun things and when not on the clock you have more opportunity for those enjoyable activities. That’s healthy, that’s ok. But, often times people zombie through the week, upset intrinsically and just waiting, wishing, hoping for Friday to roll around. 

?That’s the part that can be unhealthy. ?

The part that just might be a sign that something needs to change. It would be too much to go into here, let’s do it next time, but the potential changes are many, and varied, some big, some small, some you, some others (although I urge you to focus, first on what YOU can do) If you love weekends that’s great, but if you hate not weekends, that’s a problem.

Have a great weekend ! [TGIF]


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