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JKLTip The only thing you have to do is pick a goal and make sure you have a victory big, or tiny towards it every day
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It’s well worth saying this a couple of times. A huge key to becoming more successful is to focus on improving at least the tiniest amount toward your goal today.

There is something very special about this idea. I think because it is a great mix of complex and simple. It’s simple because it is rooted in the law of first principles. It’s so straightforward, so common sense that it’s not really a debate. It is a truth upon which we can pile on new information or ideas, but in and of itself it is true. For this reason, I think this will be my shortest post to date. 

Simply put, “It is possible to be better every day than you were the day before.” That’s the key to being successful.

Day over day, we can do some tiny thing to move the needle at least the tiniest fraction closer to our goal. It doesn’t have to be big at all, but it just needs to move us toward the goal. This makes it so much easier to get going. When we zoom out, over the course of months, or years the little wins that added up day after day will have brought us to some pretty awesome places.

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The first step is to pick your goal. Then, every single day, get some kind of win. It does not matter how small, or big. The only rule is to get a win today. And, how you define the goal, the win, or today, that’s up to you.

So, what will the win be today?

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