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#JKLTip Define the big goal, set the small streak, start, if you fail, review and start again
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Do you feel like making your dreams come true? All big dreams and goals are a result of putting together small streaks of action. One of the best “success” mind tricks is focusing on extending our streak. Above all, rather than stressing over big, esoteric accomplishments, knock down some mini dominos. 

What Is A Streak?

A streak is how many times we accomplish the little goals in a row. For example, if you have a health goal, you could set a streak of clean eating. The streak could be good meals. A fitness goal could include days without missing a workout. 

Streaks can exist for all sorts of things. In golf we can put together a streak of how many shots in a row we hit without getting distracted by thinking. We could put together a streak of how many days in a row we started with a morning gratitude check in. Or how many days in a row we went without complaining about others.

Essentially anything could be a streak. It’s about setting the intention of what our goal is first. Decide the big goal. Then, design what the streak of little goals should be. Place this on a calendar, checklist, or a reward jar. Either way, start the streak and make sure to keep track. When the streak ends, quickly review and either change or restart.

What’s The Catch?

It seems simple right? But, here is the most important, often confused part. Streaks will end, but it doesn’t have to impact your success.

They always end. What separates those who struggle and those who succeed is a simple shift in mindset. This is something I struggled with for a very large percentage of my life. But, what I now realize, is it’s okay for streaks to end. It’s most important to start the next one as soon as possible. 

To give some examples I can use my current personal streaks. My current exercise or mobility everyday streak is at four days. While packing my lunch instead of using a restaurant is at five days. My daily writing streak is ten days. Every one of these will come back to zero days. The universe doesn’t care about the details.

What will be rewarded by the universe is if we pick up and start again. Fitness, food, kindness, it doesn’t matter. Streaks will end. Above all, winners find success simply by fighting to start again soon as they can.

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