Stop Waiting for consensus

Stop Waiting For Consensus, JustTries Journal

Now before I get myself in too much trouble, we should stop waiting for consensus, this is true. But, it is reasonable to check in with your support network, have empathy and communicate your goals. O.K. Now that’s out of the way, stop waiting for consensus.

If you sit around and wait for people to agree with your ideas you might be waiting forever. Especially if it is creative, innovative and personal. Don’t worry about getting permission from anyone. They won’t, nor should they be able to understand your dreams. This is why they have their own dreams. And you have yours.

With enough feedback, all great ideas will go to zero. Think about it. If you keep searching for validation, you will find every opinion. If you look long enough, no matter how great your idea is, you will find some negative feedback. You will find people who say things like “it won’t work, it’s not worth it, or it’s stupid”. In fact, the greater your idea, the quicker you will get opinions like this.

Instead, have conviction and get busy on your own goals with integrity. Lean into those who do support your madness and get to work. Now, one important point. This does not mean surround yourself with a bunch of “yes” people. Very much the opposite.

Surround yourself with people who will push you to be better. People who will critique you and challenge you. But, people who will do so to build your dream castle, not to tear it down.

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