Stick Figure Celebs

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Stick Figure Celebs

Creating a following, or building a tribe without feeling narcissistic is not easy. Any sort of celebrity status, popularity, or self-promotion can make us feel vulnerable. But does fame really have a negative impact, or is that up to how we use it?

There are people who reinforce the “coolness of celebrity”. They flash cash, take pictures in front of airplanes, or naked girls and try to preach to everyone that they’ve made it.

Let me be clear if that’s your thing, then good for you. I would never judge. It’s not what I want though. I would rather that money go to a different cause. There is so much charity that I would love to support in my life.

Ego is the enemy, and a lot of the so-called social media celebs are fronting. Perhaps we could call them “stick figure celebs”. They are the type to hop a fence to the hanger and snap a pic in front of a plane or borrow a bunch of cash to do it for the gram.

When it comes down to it, the truth always wins. I used to think that in order to get rich you had to lose some perspective, but then I started to learn from some wealthy people. Think of Oprah, Warren Buffet, or Bill Gates. I think they do a good job of being famous and being real.

Can You Win And Not Be Famous?

You can’t be true in helping a lot of people, without putting yourself out there. Without connecting with as many people as possible, and thus “becoming famous”. This conflict made me look up the definition of narcissism. Before I start promoting myself I want to feel I can live with it. I want to be confident that we can have both great success and our ego in check.

“Narcissists are self-centered, feel superior, are manipulative, have difficulty taking feedback, are easily wounded, and have a need for admiration. I am 100% confident that I’m not narcissistic, because I genuinely want to learn through feedback and do everything in my power to make others successful.

A need for admiration, needing the spotlight on you is on that perhaps I could struggle with. If I think about getting rich, say one day partnering with a buddy to own the Ottawa Senators, or at the very least be able to travel, golf and live a life where I can donate millions to charities, it’s likely it will only happen through some form of admiration and status.

How do you sell enough books, so you can one day build schools, or help the homeless? How are you able to connect on Youtube with as many teenagers to help them figure life out as possible if you don’t build an audience?

Is it possible to be successful in today’s day and age without the spotlight? 
If not, bring on the cameras, the microphones, and let’s share this with as many people as possible.

If it helps me help more people, then bring on the fame and status.

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