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JKLTip Start with your WHY, but never stop Finding It
Start With Why, Who, What, When

Simon Sinek has been shredding the “start with why” story since his TED talk was posted in 2014. I have long understood the reason to “Start with Why” if building a tribe. But, I needed to give a quick explanation of “what” so this page made at least a bit of sense.

The most important thing though, no doubt for anything you guys do is the why, eventually.

So What Is It?

The big challenge is summarizing it. So I got two why’s coming at ya here.
In summary, I want to support the vitality of as many other human beings as possible in the time I’m on this earth. That is it, in summary.

Bigger (but still brief) why (I could write this as a book itself). I have the best day job in the world, I genuinely believe that. I get paid to help youth find their passions, chase their dreams and get some school done along the way.

I’m sure it makes some people cringe working with kids who struggle, but for me, I can’t imagine a better way to spend my time. Ok, also family, friends & golf, but in terms of “work”. Honestly, the more suffering I see in a kid’s eyes, or the more times I hear “Fuck You”, the more I know they need me.

The whole “find something you love to do and you’ll never work a day in your life” thing is great. I am lucky enough to have that. But when I work with the guys & gals in situations they are in, my number one message from which I never waiver is simple. Chase your dreams.

If you think of a goal, go for it, you want to try something try it, you want to talk to someone reach out. Don’t care what the haters think (unless they have good points, then care). But, I realized recently that I am not being authentic unless I do it myself.

A Simple Realization

I have a comfortable government job and spend my spare time crushing Netflix or sleeping. If it stays this way, I would be failing in my why.
Straight up, for me, it’s a simple realization. If I live authentically, I love living. If I don’t live authentically, I hate living.

So in a way, I have no choice but to work as hard as possible toward my goal. My new rules that I will be sharing with students day in and day out, are Dream Big, No Filter, and Just Keep Learning.

I couldn’t live with telling students, staff, or friends that big dreams, crazy big dreams come true if you work hard, without doing it myself. I heard Will Smith say this in Pursuit of Happyness 12 years ago, I thought it registered, but perhaps it is still sinking in.

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