Showing Up Is Enough For Now

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Showing Up Is Most Important
#jkltip Try putting yourself in a position with someone you could learn from, don’t have any other plan, other than go for coffee and see where it goes

For Now, Just Showing Up Is Enough

Ok, so maybe not only “just showing up”

More like reminding myself that showing up, working hard, doing the best possible, is enough. 
So if I wrote in this title, “just showing up is enough” then what do I mean? 
I mean that I can not judge the quality of production, quality of sound, quality of writing, quality of web design, quality of community interaction, quality of video, quality of the quality and on and on… 
Judging the quality of what you are creating in your life is a fast track to delaying creating itself and slipping back into the perfectionist, procrastinating mindset. 
This is fresh on my mind because we filmed the first ever justkeeplearning video the other day and looking through the footage, listening to the sound bytes I was bombarded by brain waves rushing in with “woulda, coulda shoulda”. I could critique the footage, the story, the audio (for sure the audio, there were a hundred little kids playing soccer right beside the mic), what I was wearing, how I talked on camera, how we whatever else and so on… 


For now I have to celebrate the process, the doing. Celebrate that I: 
Showed up to plan a story. 
Showed up to get some shots. 
Showed up to edit the footage. 

And most important of all, that I’ll show up to force that nervous, shaky finger to click “UPLOAD”


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