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Think of our actions like we are tossing a stone in a pond. The middle is the place where our impact starts. The far-reaching exterior is where our impact expands. This is known as a “ripple effect”.

If we drop a boulder in the middle of the ocean, or pebble in a pool, the ripples never end. Good, or bad, the effects are felt forever. A ripple effect in motion expands until it reaches the edge of its container. Therefore, our actions have an effect on everything around us. 

It’s worth noting that in life sometimes our actions will be small, sometimes they will be grand. At times they will be positive and others negative. But, overall, it’s best to make sure that the impact we have, the actions we take in that center are as helpful as possible. 

Let’s set a ripple effect that helps instead of hurts as often as we can. That way, over time, the net of all of our ripple effects will be positive.

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