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JKLTip For resolutions identify one to four words to focus on instead of lists of things to do
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Minimalism is a hot topic right now, which seems to have hit the concept of New Year’s Resolutions. I say this because there is a big push from people to simplify by choosing one word. The idea is, instead of long winded goals and lists that tell us what we should do, words remind us how we want to live. 

I do think choosing a word to focus on is valuable. But, I also see value in building a specific pathway of micro goals, and maintaining an almost laughably, audacious vision board. A word gives us a definition to constantly get closer to, as opposed to a resolution, which for many we would have failed already.

A word, or catch phrase helps us recharge and refocus our energy. Any pursuit of a big dream is going to require a lot of patience, focus and resilience. Having a word or two can help us keep going. When we look at sports teams, or businesses that operate at the highest levels there is often a piece of language to lean on. 

Should You Only Choose One?

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I have heard a number of different opinions as to what the best number of words to focus on is. There are some who say one or two maximum in order to ensure focus. There are others who state we shouldn’t leave any important value out. I personally feel it’s in between. I think one, or two words is too few and five, or more is too many. 

In terms of resolutions last year, I wanted to be sure and post the values that I work hard to reinforce. I have six values that will be reflected in everything I do for the rest of my life.

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These specifically are trust, truth, perspective, gratitude, collaboration, and learning. If I reach success it will be because of my ability to lean on these values. 

For this year, 2020, I wanted to find a specific focus. I just so happened to find four words that all start with the letter “C”.  I know that focusing on these four words; courage; collaboration; clarity; and consistency will help me take the next step in this journey.

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What Are Your Words?

Since I love sharing goals with you, here is a list of steps you can follow to choose your own words. We would love to hear what you choose.

What word, or words do you think will help you take the next step this year?

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