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Got me thinkin

I have done a lot of writing in the past 6 months. I won’t add it up because I don’t want to slow down, and want to ensure I’m living in the present. But, I do know it is a lot of writing. Most in the form of short blog posts. The posts are geared toward mental health. Helping people learn and live with more vitality.

I’ve been thinking about this writing and how there isn’t much awareness. I am grateful that every couple of days someone says it was a life-changer. While that’s enough to keep going, I am hitting a dip, because I know that anyone who executes on the ideas in my blog is guaranteed to succeed.

I wonder things like why don’t people share it more? Why do people hit the like button and then fail to take action on the topics? These have always been interesting questions for me. Not in a “cocky” I have it all figured out kind of way. Rather, a genuine interest in learning about humans way. Sincerely asking, “why if all you need to succeed is right here, for free, do people not take action?”

This is the grand debate of self-help culture in general.

The “how to” of success is right there, in plain language, yet so many people struggle with actually improving. Could be modern leaders like the Skinny Confidential, Jordan Peterson, or Gary Vee. It could also be some of the classics like Bob Proctor, Tony Robbins, or Les Brown. Regardless the information is out there. So why do we need so many thought leaders then?

Maybe it’s because different people connect with different authors or speakers. Until everyone finds their way, there will be plenty of space for all of us. When I started sharing online it was for the purpose of leaving a digital trail for my children and really anyone else interested in learning what I learned. That’s it. No focus on results, just the process. Learn, share, and repeat.

Over time I have gotten a taste of it helping people. Having reflected on this journey I hope in some way small, or big, but at least small to be able to help others with mental health, through the medium of social media.

I know there aren’t many followers to the blog in general because it’s new. My writing also has a long way to go in order to be more engaging and simple. A blog also does better when it’s niche, like “mom bass fishing”, so we could argue that mine is too broad. What’s not niche about life and learning? LOL.

I am grateful for everyone reading this reflection. It feels like a mid-year marker. Simply a reminder that I am writing to write, but if it helps you even better. If you pass it on to others, even more awesome. And if you provide feedback, ideas, or collaborate together I will be forever thankful. Most importantly of all find the ideas you need and take action, if you need help, just send me a message.

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