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Take Control
JKLTip In what ways do you scroll through social media lacking purpose? How many hours per month could you put towards a bigger goal for yourself?

Digital minimalism is a hot topic. Digital isn’t bad, we just have to make sure we are not the puppet, but the puppet master when it comes to social media. “Too much of a good thing can be bad.” When we overindulge we become consumed by our interactions. With food, entertainment, or drugs we often need a “fix”. When we are awakened to the fact, we search for diets, cleanses and detoxes. Whether good, or bad in small amounts, we feel we need to get rid of it. A purge can give us the absolute release from the grip of the addiction and a fresh start. We strive to create some sort of Marie Kondo, “bring value” approach to our lives.

Minimalism looks different for everyone, for every situation. Simply put, our lives are more effective, enjoyable and we can focus energy on what we enjoy most. Minimalism has become a popular discussion in recent years with the likes of “The Minimalists” Joshua Fields and Ryan Nicodemus packaging the philosophy for Netflix audiences. Hopefully people who watched the documentary decided to set some goals for themselves. We should all create a minimalist approach to life, but how and why?

Bringing our gifts to the world, pursuing our dreams is so important. Yet, “having too much and being too busy” is getting in the way. Freed up from material possessions, and merry go round commitments, we can do whatever we want. All of a sudden, there a ton of time. It’s straightforward how we apply this to clothing, video games, or clutter in homes, but how do we execute on a minimalist strategy when it comes to our work?

We have to ask, could we be spend more time doing things that matter, for people we care about? How much more can we maximize our positive impact on our culture if we spend less time scrolling? Social media is important if we want to interact with our tribe, but it’s important to have a plan.

If we feel lost and controlled by our devices, then the easiest way to start is to get rid of digital communication and consumption all together. Get rid of Email, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Youtube, Twitter, even texts. This likely means go without the phone entirely. After 48 hours, begin to reintroduce ONLY the things that bring us great value. This may even be specific aspects of the platforms. As we reinstate, we should confirm each time that we are the puppet masters, that we decide what, when, how and why we use the medium.

** For More Minimalism tips, Check out KonMari or THE MINIMALISTS


Minimalism, Social Media

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