Playing CopyCat

Dream blockers, Justtries, Playing Copy Cat

With an overly connected world, we see what everyone else does and that can lead to playing copycat. There is so much teaching on the internet, from social posts to free e-books and expensive courses. This makes it too easy to spend time-consuming and not creating. We want to learn the blueprint of how other people did it.

That in itself can be helpful, but remember we learn best by doing. You also want to ensure that your values are true entirely to you. Something that can’t happen if you are playing copy cat.

It’s easy to fall into the trap of thinking that you must do things the way someone else did it. That the best way is something someone else has already done. That’s playing copycat.

But, a dream should be your dream and yours only. It’s important to have empathy for those who have come before you and learn from heroes in your field.

But, trying to follow someone else’s blueprint, or copy everything someone else does will lead to pain every single time. In the end, your mantra should be “I did it my way”.

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