Personal Failure

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When it comes to dream blockers, worrying about past personal failure is very common.

Your own missteps can derail your ability to set goals because you fear the feeling of failing again. This can also lead to a more fixed mindset, believing that you are not good enough at something. But, the feeling of failure is certainly relative.

One person might get a lot of edits and feedback on a book they write and start to believe they are no good at writing. Whereas another person might get the same feedback and be ecstatic that someone is helping them learn to be even better at writing. In fact, they may feel like they are already good, but this person just helped them get closer to great.

If you can switch your mindset from failure to learning through experience, you will start to appreciate struggle as an opportunity to learn. Dream blockers are pretty specific to each person, but dealing with personal failure connects us all.

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