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Whether it’s a company or individual, the same pattern plays out. When people start creating content for social media they have trouble figuring out a plan. This is all part of the learning process when it comes to online business. While it’s valuable to create plans, there is an easier way to start.

First off, “business” in this case, isn’t necessarily attached to commerce. Business” can simply mean being involved in the activities of creating and sharing. Instead of for money, it could be for the sake of documenting, or keeping in touch with people. Everyone has online business these days. If you have a single social media account, then you have “online business”. 

Document The Process

There are so many questions. And, it’s easy to get stuck overthinking.

How often should you post? What style should the content be? Do your brand colors or consistent messages matter? What are the nuances between the platforms? Is quantity, or quality more important? But, the answer can be quite simple.

When it comes to social media strategy, it’s easy to fall into this analysis paralysis trap. Whether creating for fun, or for work, the advice is the same. The best way to tell stories over the internet is by documenting and sharing. Aside from having someone else do it, there really is no other shortcut. 

We all want to have well crafted, clear stories that we are one hundred percent sure people are going to “get”. But, there will be content that “works”, and some that “flops”. Remember, it’s all part of the learning process. And, wisdom reminds us that the best way to prevent over analyzing is to take the approach of a documentary filmmaker. 

Simply hit record, snap a photo, or get out a pen and record what happens. When you take this approach, people get the real you. It will also end up building the type of community that brings you the most joy. But, most importantly, have fun. And if you have any questions I’m here for ya!

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