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I wrote recently about the concept of one word. The idea is to pick one word to live by instead of a laundry list of to do items. It allows for minimalism, clarity and focus. There’s another way of going about this that others might connect with. The idea is pick one big challenge for the year. 

Side note, I was in a coffee shop last night and over heard a conversation from a couple of kind old men. They looked like grumpy old men, but were happy and clearly friends for a long time. The one in the blue coat said to his pal, “It’s a bugger when we get old eh? So many people are leaving us.” His friend looked up from the newspaper and replied, “Yea, but ya know, my mother always said, “I’m not worried if people will miss me when I’m gone. They had the chance to hang out with me while I’m here and didn’t” I really think people should do a better job of doing things while they can.” That’s a pretty powerful thing to hear from a man in his eighties himself. 

The point is we regret things we don’t do if it gets too late. The idea of one challenge will help. If you have thirty years left then at least you will have tried the top 30 things for you. I don’t struggle with regret (anymore) because I genuinely live at an almost ridiculous level of understanding reality. I know that relative to so many others I’m already in bonus years and so appreciation and perspective come easy. 

How It Works

Where I do struggle is with maintaining a mindset of gratitude and still pushing myself hard enough to accomplish goals. I think it’s because I realize we can’t possibly accomplish everything we dream about. So I try to sprinkle a little bit of everything at once. 

It’s important to dream big and list literally everything you can think of coming true. But, in order to turn those dreams into a pragmatic plan and bring focus to at least on of those things, choosing one big challenge for the year can help. Any pursuit of a big dream is going to require a lot of patience, focus and resilience. Having that one challenge can help. 

By choosing one thing to accomplish this year you can reverse engineer the path to it. Every waking hour that’s open should be devoted to that one challenge. This is very powerful and if you truly do it I know one of three things will happen. One, you will get it and be overjoyed. Two you will be a whole heck of a lot closer. Or, three you will have appreciated trying but realized you don’t want it anymore. Good luck, let me know how it goes.

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