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A mentor of mine asked me a question yesterday. She said, “are you sure you know your why?” I was able to reply immediately, saying “to model for youth, well anyone, but especially marginalized youth, and my own daughters how to dream big, be vulnerable and have a growth mindset”. I know why she asked. Because knowing your why has become a very popular concept in leadership and business literature. A solid “why” is like a northstar that will help you through anything that gets in your way. 

There is a ton of content flowing through social media saying something to the effect of “know your why”. Often times people will go as far to say things like, “if you know your why, the how and what will work itself out”. I don’t outright disagree with that statement, but one thing I have come to realize is “my why” will never change. It’s been the same for fifteen years and it’s powerful. 

My why guides me during every moment, brings me over every obstacle and pushes me through each struggle. What I wish I knew earlier was how much I personally needed to focus on how and what. It is honestly very refreshing to know your why. It is a relief to have a goal that can last from now until the day I die, however long that may be.

What About How

For me, “how” has been the most difficult part. The youth I want to support learn best by doing. When it is hard to get them engaged in things that promote growth mindset, or vulnerability in person, the next best thing is modelling for them. I know I need to be the example for growth mindset, vulnerability and following your dreams. The problem I have is how do I do that?

I do feel everything else happens for a reason, and the technology to support this is probably better than ever. But where should I focus my energy, podcast, or books? Should I create a feature documentary, or make micro social media content. I could create online courses, or host meet ups to help people learn. It’s quite an interesting thing to explore, and I’m sure I’ll figure it out. But, in the meantime, if you have any ideas please do share. 

When I struggle so much to figure out how I feel it might be the universe. The universe could be sending little omens that remind me of my true purpose, but I can’t be sure. Either way, for me, “the why” was easy. And religious, or otherwise, it’s become like a north star, something to guide me when things are getting difficult, or I feel like giving up. 

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