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Think About It

No algorithm, no amygdala is all about the idea that we should give our energy to things that lead to creativity and spontaneous fulfillment.

If we pay attention to the news we will see a lot of attention given to AI and VR. Let’s set VR aside for a second, even though it will be hard to divide the two in the future.

Let’s talk about artificial intelligence, and robots, or machine learning. I hope I will be able to work in a symbiotic relationship with them. Learning from them when necessary is important. I just do not want them to sway my thinking when it comes to creativity. I will look at and value data, so long as it’s data about something I intrinsically want to do.

No Amygdala

The amygdala played a very important role, with “fight, or flight” in our early existence. I’m sure in some ways the notion that we sense anxiety to keep us safe is still true. But it is in opposition to being creative and vulnerable in order to try new things. As much as possible we need to switch this amygdala off. This is best done with meditation, mindfulness and breathing exercises, then get real creative.

People speak in jest saying things like until the “robots control us all” but the funny thing is we are getting far closer to this than we think. One of my current goals is to grow a youtube channel. I want to create a ripple effect of inspiring people to do what they want to do. To live by going with their gut, and simply enjoying what they do. I want people to do this not some times, but all the time, as much as possible.

No Algorithm

Any of us who wake up in the morning and take a look at how an uploaded video has “performed” is already changing their behavior for the robots. Vanity metrics and analytics tell us if we are being a good puppy to the treats the machines toss our way.

I appreciate that “niche” is what helps youtube channels grow. I understand why focus is important. But, I also know to do what I find enjoyable, casts a pretty broad net. Good for growing? Nope, but that’s ok because the last thing I want to be a puppet to is my computer, the algorithm. I will do things related to learning and enjoy doing them and just see what happens.

This is not to say we shouldn’t make adjustments, or create content based on data. In fact, I think it is very important to take data into account if we hope to be successful enough to maintain the business side. But, I want that data to come as the second layer. Right after doing things that I truly enjoy, or feel will help people.

Feedback from followers is similar, but different. Real-time discussions, back and forth with regard to collaboration and ideas is what I stand for. Pivoting to support those who appreciate it most and are willing to speak up is what is most important.

Making changes to bring more value to your audience is crucial. But, again that’s after you do what you believe to be important. It comes down to what makes us happy, doing what brings creative energy and excitement alive. So at first, no algorithm. Once you’re being you, then add some data to make it even better. We shouldn’t simply do what the dashboard tells us because it will bring more views. The choice is ours.

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