Get Rich & Die Trying

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Money Monopoly

When it comes to money, do you want to know how to get rich?

If you want to get rich, then you first need to know how money works. It’s not about being intelligent or having capital. In fact, monopoly is a good example of money, but not of how to actually get there.

Increasing wealth is about consistently increasing value to those who will pay for it. Now, before we go into more detail about what that looks like, let’s talk about the concept of “money” first.

We often hear the saying “money isn’t everything”. I don’t agree with that statement since it reminds me of a liar’s paradox. We can not really have it both ways. We can not say money doesn’t matter, and work hard for a promotion, or sacrifice time with our kids to go to a job. When I think of this problem, I can empathize with those who see money as the root of evil, because I used to feel that way too. I also have a strong connection to the beliefs of Buddhist monks, or Eckhart Tolle and feel that I could find vitality no matter the circumstance. I understand that pain happens in the past, or future, but not the present.

However, I also feel that it is perfectly acceptable to comfortably afford things that make your life more enjoyable. I think that I used to have an association of wealthy with arrogant and selfish, when in reality that is not an indicator. The amount of charity supported by the wealthy is incredible. Could it be more? Sure. But without them there wouldn’t be much at all. So, it’s first about being very true with yourself about how much money is important to you and for what reasons?

Money can make it easier for you to live with more cherishable moments. A certain level per person is needed to turn the joy money dials that you appreciate. It’s when we strive for wealth for the wrong reasons that we get ourselves into trouble. If we think that money will fix our broken mindset, then we are in for a sad awakening if we manage to make it to whatever our rich is.

Alright, now the moment you have been waiting for. How do you get rich? It really is quite simple, yet as humans, we have a tendency to crave the complex for some reason. Here it is, are you ready?

Stop thinking about money. Put service to others first and over time build the skills that allow you to serve others more. In a world of overabundance, your economic situation will take care of itself it you always over-deliver and continue to improve your service. To ensure this approach, every time you go to work ask, “ how am I giving more than they expect?” With patience and persistence, this more than they expect will improve even more and the sky’s the limit.

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