Only One Side Of The Coin

JKLTip: It’s the process, the journey that actually matters, so enjoy it right now

Everyone thinks they need the actual accomplishment to feel good, but that’s just not the case. When it comes to goal setting and mindfulness, there are only two sides of the coin.

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One one side, there is empowerment, freedom, and deliberate creation.

On the other side, there is control, worry, and judgement.

Being in the moment is binary. In any one moment, you are in alignment with the universe, or you are not. There is no in-between. The coin can’t be half flipped. With mindfulness, it’s quite easy to tap into this, but it is a long pursuit to be really great at it. Like anything valuable, it takes practice. 

As Viktor Frankl proved to us, no external factors have the right to make us feel a certain way.

If we get truly aligned with what we want, then the things that happen along the way, all of the “breaks”, good, or bad, are completely beyond our control. 

Don’t attempt to earn being worthy, or respected. And don’t attempt to quantify, or measure your success.

Call it spirituality, call it the “secret”, or manifestation. I just call it “smart”. There is nothing more freeing than relinquishing control over the judgment and the calculations of “success” and instead focusing on simply doing what you love to do. 

You can train the mind to enjoy the process, so long as you find meaning in what you are pursuing and allow any results to be a bonus.

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