Maybe, Maybe Not

JKLTip Focus less on your end goal and more on how to get into the creative mindset, vague, insecure, but non-judgemental?  
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Maybe it will work…

When we set out to do something great, the answer to the question “will it work?” will always be maybe.

In fact, we shouldn’t even ask the question. Creating, feedback and judging are three different processes. They deserve not only separate strategies but separate places in time as well. No matter what we are building, there will be plenty of time to analyze. We will have plenty of time to assess the quality and determine what to change after we publish it.

I appreciate the definition from Gyarmathy that says ‘creativity is a process in which the elements of mind consolidate in a completely new manner and something original comes into existence, a form of behavior in which a person resists routine answers, tolerates, and even seeks out the ambivalence, insecurity and vagueness that may serve as a basis for a new order.’

Allow me to emphasize: seeks out ambivalence, insecurity, vagueness and we might add vulnerability. This is difficult in a time of great angst and anxiety. People want answers and plans. But I am confident that we will start to shift back to calm, lower pressure discoveries if we trust in the process.

We must learn to become comfortable with the uncomfortable feeling of not knowing. What will come of it? Will this work? Maybe. We must be able to open a document, pick up a paintbrush, or get together with a group without the answer, “what are we making?”

If we want true creativity to be interwoven in our work, we need to be free of a judgemental mind to make something worth being proud of. The judging part, the “did this work?”, might be important, but leave it in its place, where it belongs. As a review, after the fact.

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