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JKLTip Get just the right amount of hands working on a project and you will make the work lighter
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The saying goes, “many hands make light work”. This can be true. But, many hands with poor intentions can make work more difficult too. In either case, our hands have a lot to do with the work we do. In the world of thought leadership, we often talk about the heart, the gut, and the mind. As a result, we often forget that we need to create physical actions to get the work done.

For some reason, many people shy away from working with others. But, if we can build a tribe each suited for the best possible action the work will get lighter. When the work feels lighter everyone is a little less tense and we probably open up the door to creativity, innovation, and success.

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Why It Matters

From the day we’re born we learn to use our hands, sometimes for good, like chomping our veggies and sometimes not as good like slapping our friends. Throughout life these hands play many roles. Brushing our teeth, brushing our hair, holding our baby, counting money, the list goes on, we use our hands without much thought, without much care.

We hold hands with those we love, to show care and commitment. I mean holding hands is not something that happens with someone we dislike, someone we are angry with. Hands display our energy, our passion and attitude as well. If we close our eyes and picture a hand talker we all get a similar vibe. If we think of an irate person angrily slamming their fist on the table, then we see the ferocity of the hands.

First, it’s important to realize that much like most cliches, they exist for a reason. Many hands make light work can be very true. In such a rapidly changing, fast-paced environment, teamwork matters as much as ever. It’s just a matter of having each person’s hands in the best place possible.

Second, it’s important to be focused on goals, sure. And while I feel strongly that knowing our “why” for what we do is extremely valuable, we can’t forget that our dreams don’t work unless we do. It takes action and continually refining your next steps while having a big “why”. That’s the real path to success. I wish I realized this aspect of many hands make light work much sooner. But, better now than later I suppose.

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