Mamba Mentality Learning

Just keep learning is all about creating content that helps you learn. For two hundred hours, we document learning a skill by putting the just keep learning mindset into practice. This takes place on the blog, other social media, but mainly on the Just Tries Youtube channel. For this cycle of learning, we are focused on general video and filmmaking.

In the video where we revealed this learning goal, we also paid tribute to Kobe Bryant, and summarized the JKL Mindset. To see the first video in the JKL Series check out: Mamba Mentality, Kobe Bryant & Just Keep Learning. It is not a great video, but that’s the point, we need to start somewhere.

Over the next two hundred hours of learning video, we will have interviews with filmmakers, blog posts and publish as many films as possible. We will share everything we learn here, and across our social media channels @JustTries.

Step one is creating a baseline of where I am as a filmmaker so to speak. So, the next few episodes of JKL season one will show my current filmmaking abilities.

Step two will be collaborating with filmmakers to learn some tips and tricks they are willing to share. This takes the shape of mini, documentary-style episodes. Anyone who would like to learn filmmaking and be entertained need look no further than @Just Tries on youtube.

Every moment in the JKL Community only comes from your support and sharing. So, thank you for all of your help and for passing these on. Please send us any video requests, questions, or comments.